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The project included a lot of key stakeholders


Just a regular walk through is more then 30 minutes


Optimizing, reducing, simplifying – so the Quest and the user can handle it both


Supporting run time operation for 3 weeks

VR Expo

Exploring a digital Expo in VR

The One with Nature, World of Hunting and Nature exhibition was held in Budapest, in early Autumn, 2021. We’ve developed several AR/VR solution for the event – one of them was an Oculus Quest 2 VR solution taking the visitors to virtual – and enhanced – version of the actual Expo.

The solution was developed as joint effort of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art, and our company, ARworks. Artists from the famous Hungarian Institution created the visual concept of the actual site’s fantasy layer – different environments, animals, rocks, etc. Using these, we’ve programmed the actual application, added the UI/UX part, the navigation and the controls to make the VR app working.

Users find themselves in a viewing tower of Hungexpo and then start their journey – mostly among the buildings but they can enter the simplified replicas of the real halls. For this a virtual small river is digged in the ground and the user is paddling through it while standing on wood log.

On the banks of the river different moving animals, trees reflecting different natural habitats make the trip spectacular and in a way futuristic. Visitors can stop the log and step in the themed halls and will see quite a few examples of the actual exhibited objects – but virtually, as a 3d model.

The sidewalls of the buildings are not just simple vertical surfaces places for fantastic animations which otherwise cannot be done in the real world.

Users can paddle through the whole route visiting the stations one-by-one – or can navigate to any location using the map appearing on the controller.

The biggest challenge of the project was making sure that the device can handle the huge amount of 3D content – so numerous trick, hacks and optimalisation were made to make the whole 30 minute user experience flawless.


One With Nature


Autumn 2021


Virtual Reality


Unity, Quest 2