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Modeling the digital space and the elements appearing in it


ARWorks brand elements and collectible game development


Using the Spatial Creator Toolkit for Unity

ARWorks Skyview

ARWorks Skyview - Spatial 3D

Spatial.io is a platform where developers (indie or businesses) can freely create their own digital 3D world. We can enter this world with our digital avatar from a computer, mobile or even with the help of VR glasses. In the digital space, we can not only move and look around, but we can also interact with objects or talk and chat with other users.

The main reason we have developed this demo space is that we can easily and simply demonstrate the possibilities available in Spatail and other similar platforms to clients, who are interested in them.

Upon entering the Arworks Skyview space, the user reaches an observation deck floating above the river Danube, from which a unique, 360-degree panorama of Budapest opens up. Inside the viewing area, you can watch the showreel video presenting our current projects from comfortable armchairs, then walk around and collect badges symbolizing our services. The braver can try how it feels like to jump from such a great height, which is especially exciting in VR glasses, where we experience the height as if it were real.




March 2023


Unity, 3D


Spatial.io – Web, Mobil, VR