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Augmented Audi Centre, Singapore

The biggest Audi Showroom in South East Asia, the Audi Centre has opened in Singapore. For the occassion we’ve prepared an AR application containing 4 different extraordinary Audi and AR experience. Users can fly around the building of the showroom without boarding an airplane or drive the Audi R18 racecar around Singapore at full speed, without the risk of getting a ticket. Whats more, they can have their personalised, unique license plate, with any headline, they want to express themselves and finally they can learn the interesting facts about the Audi models in an Augmented Reality triggered quiz.

The results of the R18 race was shared on the web as a rank list and could be posted to the Facebook page of the user.

This app available on iOS and Android demonstrates how Augmented Reality can be used creatively to result in a strong positive personal experience connected to a brand.


Audi Singapore


Augmented Reality


Unity, Vuforia