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Augmented Ride with Santa

Christmas Activation in the Auchan hypermarkets for Immochan – AR with a 3 dimensional marker

The fairy world of Christmas came alive with the help of Augmented Reality in the Auchan hypermarkets in December.


Kids could jump into the colorful sleigth of Santa Claus, travel around with it in the store and even train the reindeer, standing in front of the sleight. Just a quick click on the screen of the iPad and the deer lays down for a little rest or makes push ups to get warmed up.

More photos

Promoters were making photos on the kids, who were sitting in a cube, on a chair. The printed sides of the cubes were acting as a 3d marker – so you could look at on the cube from any direction, the virtual AR sleight will appear under/around the kid with the deer in front of it

The photos of the children sitting in Santa’s sleight were printed or has been sent to the kids to make a long lasting memory with Santa-s deer.