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Simplified military design


Two-handed use for weapon handling and reloading


Data visualization of the shooter's performance

Machine gun shooting training in VR

CZ Bren 2 Shooting Simulator

The CZ Bren 2 assault rifle is the new small arm introduced in the Hungarian Defense Forces, replacing the AK-63D.

Soldiers need to get accustomed to this new weapon during shooting practice. Not only are Hungarian soldiers already using the Bren 2 assault rifle, but its production has also begun in our country.

In the CZ Bren 2 virtual shooting simulator, users have the opportunity to get to know the weapon and shoot at predetermined targets. In the application, the weapon can be fired in both automatic and semi-automatic modes at shooting targets.

The advantage of virtual shooting over real shooting is that we can provide a much more detailed report on the shooter’s performance. We can measure the aiming time before each shot, accurately determine which shot was the best and the worst, and analyze the shot dispersion using unique data visualization.

Although virtual shooting cannot replace real shooting, we recommend the application to all soldiers and shooting enthusiasts.


Hungarian Defense Forces


June 2023


Virtual Reality, Unity


Meta Quest 2