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Development of game logic, scoring, physical simulation


3D modeling of city and game elements


Design of static and dynamic game elements, user control

VR Game development

Play with the product

In many cases, customers are afraid to present their products or services in a playful way. Yet nothing brings people closer to a brand than interacting with the product itself for long minutes.

Fortunately, in the case of Burger King, both the target group and the company demanded playfulness, so it was easy to develop a unique solution for them. The basic idea of the application created in a VR headset was relatively simple: you had to catch the popular Burger King foods (Whopper, cheeseburger, shake, fries), while you tried to avoid the evil clown flying towards you, which deducted your points. Sitting on a chair, the players controlled the VR experience with their bare hands and by moving their heads, so the operation could be explained only with a few tutorial screenshots, no further intervention from the hostesses was necessary.

The game, including the design, was completed in just under 2 months. The application was developed for the Quest 2 device, which is easily accessible and works stably. Because of all the devices are identical, any number of machines can be used at the same time, so the event can also be scaled depending on demand. In this case, the content was running on 10 devices at the same time, each user played in his/her own rhythm. The entire development took place in-house: graphics and UI design, 3D modeling of the Burger King city and moving elements, game logic development, programming and testing.

The event was the final stage of a loyalty program aimed specifically at teenagers and their parents, so it perfectly achieved its goal. People lined up to play games and deal with Burger King products.


POS-services / Burger King


October 2023


Unity, 3D


Meta Quest 2