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Concept Creation

Developing a visual experience working the best on a scale model

3D modelling

Designing and animating all content

Synchronising content and scale model

Making sure that the 3D models totally fit on the sides of the mock up buildings


Managing the on site running of the apps and devices

AR Scale mock up model

Green City AR

The Planet Budapest Sustainable Expo was held at the beginning of December 2021 at Hungexpo, the fair site of the Hungarian capital. The purpose of the event was to raise the attention of the adverse effects of our environmental, social and economical activity and show that these negative trends, risking the future of Earth are still reversible.

We’ve developed VR and AR solutions to help visitors – especially the younger generations who really expected new technologies – to understand the trends, symptoms and what can be done to avoid a bad outcome.

One of our immersive interactive visualisation application was an AR one running on iPad Pro’s and adding 3D animated objects to an otherwise static scale model of a city.

The developed various 3D AR content was appearing on different parts of the huge mock up scale mode showing how a city can be changed with more green surfaces – horizontal or vertical – and other innovative solutions.

Visitors with the tablets in there hand can explore the roof gardens on the top of the buildings, the vertical gardens with the birds singing from it or could learn how sunroofs, grass plantation in the tramway and other installations can make our cities a lot more liveable.

Besides the green solutions the app brought the mock up city to life with the virtual moving trams, cars or bicycles.

The success of the solution convinced us that once the same experience could be given through a simple eyewear – AR will be part of daily lives.


Planet Budapest


December, 2021


Augmented Reality


Unity, ARkit, iOS