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Interactive fireworks on the 100 AED banknote

To demonstrate the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) we’ve designed and developed an app – ARworksME – which shows the quick history of Dubai in 3D. Since its an AR app, it does this on the 100 dirham note – and as a back up feature, users can see the content without the banknote as well, just purely in 3D. They also have the option to zoom in or rotate the animated model freely like they were flying over in their own jet.

Just download the app, hold it on the flat banknote, and you will see a falcon flying above it, than the buildings start to grow up from the ground – among them with the Burj Khalifa. After that comes the interactive part – you can choose wether you want to bring some clouds above the city, install the Expo2020 flag on the top of the Burj – or start a firework. And there is a 4th surprise there as well.