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Simplified military design


Eliminating inaccuracy due to hand tremor while looking through the scope


3D rifle model compatible with external sniper stand

Scope Adjustment for Sniper Shooting

VR Sniper simulator

In the Sniper VR application, you can shoot with a Tikka T3X rifle. However, the essential point of the application is not the shooting itself but the proper adjustment of the reticle in the scope.

Why do you need to adjust the reticle in the scope? Because at long distances and under varying weather conditions, the impact point of the bullet can differ from what the shooter sees through the scope.

In the application, you can shoot at long distances, with wind speed and direction changing from shot to shot, requiring the shooter to adapt.

Upon entering the application, the user finds themselves at a shooting range, with the rifle placed on a table in front of them. When looking through the scope, they can see the target several hundred meters away. Before taking a shot, the user receives the following data: target distance, wind direction, wind speed, and a chart showing the ballistic data of the bullet for the given distance and wind conditions.

The user’s task is to read the appropriate click values from the chart and adjust the reticle in the scope accordingly. After receiving feedback that the values are set correctly, the user can shoot the rifle.

After the shot, the user can request a new target, with different distance and wind data from the previous one. In the application, targets can be shot at distances between 400 and 800 meters.

The Sniper VR application was first presented at the 2024 Eurosatory conference. The application is available in the following languages: English, French, German and Hungarian.




June 2024


Virtual Reality, Unity


Meta Quest 3