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Creating a simple, quick solution for displaying AR content, which any user can easily do in the stadium


Modeling the eagle and creating the entire championship opening animation


Integrate Unity-based AR 3D animation into the Flutter-based Fradi app together with the developers

Virtual Fradi eagle

Champion eagle animation

There have already been examples of such a solution abroad, but for the first time in our country, Augmented Reality (AR) technology has come to the aid of the fact that in a stadium, virtual, 3-dimensional moving content related to the home team can be displayed on the fans’ phones – as if it were really there in the stadium.

Of course, it is perhaps not a surprise – and a special luck for us – that Ferendváros, the most popular and at the same time champion team for the 6th time in a row this year, saw fantasy in this and asked us to create such a special experience, which debuted at the Bajnokavató fan event in May.

The so-called Championship Opening Animation was part of the festive program, within the framework of which, with the help of Augmented Reality (AR), the live symbol of the club, Igor the eagle, was replaced by the Fradi Application and technology for the duration of one match.

A new menu item was added to the already existing official Fradi Mobile application, which, when launched, ran a 3D animation using the live camera image of the phone, using the field and the stadium as scenery. After aligning the Fradi logo to the starting circle, a huge rock and the Fradi eagle on it rose from the pitch, flew around the stadium and returned with the championship trophy. The virtual Igor then made another round, and this time he flew in front of the cup with a molino celebrating the birthday of the Groupama Aréna.

In the course of the project, we developed a new function in the official fan mobile application – together with the team that manages the app.


Sportfive Ltd.


May 2024


Augmented Reality


Unity, Flutter, Android, iOS