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Development of game logic, scoring, physical simulation


Capturing various movements of human sportsmen, Creating avatars with real life movements


Design of static and dynamic game elements, implementing hand gesture control


Sports simulator in VR

We created our newest development, the VR sports simulator, for a museum presenting the history of handball! In virtual reality, users could take on the role of a handball goalkeeper in a league match.

The application was created in such a way that players could use it themselves without any special help, they just had to put the newly released Meta Quest 3 headset on their heads and follow the instructions that appeared before their eyes. The entire application was gesture-controlled, so there was no need to use separate controllers, players could touch the menu items with their bare hands. The technology of the hand tracker is now so accurate that the players could immediately see their own hands and all its movements, so they could press buttons or navigate in a natural way, and of course, save the ball. The player, (i.e. the goalkeeper) task was to save as many 7-meter penalties as possible, at increasingly difficult levels, blocking more and more cunning and powerful shots. The shots came in random directions and strength, so the player needed all their skill and quick reflexes to score as many points as possible.

What is particularly interesting about the project is that not only did we create the characters, the gameplay, the environment and the graphic elements in-house, but we also did the motion capture. We asked two professional handball players to perform the precise movements, turned this into a skeleton animation, and then, after fine-tuning, transferred them to a female and male athlete avatar created in 3D.

By further developing logic and experience, we can recreate almost any form of movement or sports. We are able to create simple entertainment games or even complex sport or military simulations too.


LVR Museum, Minden, Germany


November, 2023


Unity, 3D, Motion capture


Meta Quest 3