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Virtual showroom for Audi

After the success of Audi Singapore, Audi Hong Kong assigned us with the development of the Hong Kong version of the same app. First of all we localized the content: arranged a panorama shoot in the city, and implemented the local launch event information. The equipment, rims, colours are market-specific, so we had to deal with that as well. Besides the mandatory needs we fine tuned the showroom and the car’s outlook. With the right positioning of light sources, and creating special reflection maps the car looks photo realistic, and almost touchable. For that we did not need professional and very expensive photo shoot of different cars and colours, just a nicely built model and good technical colleagues. This is a cutting edge technology right now that uses the full power of the mobile devices. For this we had to use special programming, but now we can recreate almost any colours, effects, reflections – you name it. The more realistic way we can show the product, and give it directly at the user’s hand, the more engagement we can create. This is a great tool to localize content and use the elements creatively of an already existing app.