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3d movie studio with virtual animals

After the huge success of the two previous apps, Spar, the European retailer, asked us to develop another Augmented Reality based application for their sticker collecting campaign. The app gave the kids a unique opportunity to paint and change the skin and fur of the integrated four, 3 dimensional animals, then by clicking on one of the 3 animation buttons, start them to move. The butterfly flying around in different circles, the goose dancing on the table, the salamander trying the catch his own tail in circles – and many others.

Then – and this, as far as we know, hasn’t been done before anybody else in the world – children could record a moving video of themselves with the animated AR content. The app became their own 3D movie studio, so they can direct their own Hollywood blockbuster with this 4 animals. The video of course can be shared on FB, e-mailed or simply saved on the device. Apart from painting and recording the pets, users can name them and save them into their own pet zoo – and play with them and record the animation anytime later. The various animals were triggered by certain pages of the sticker collector album indicated by small sign on them.

The triggering markerprints are the last one of the photos at the end of this post – so download the app and hold your phone,with the live camera image, on one of them. This will trigger the animal – after that you can move away from the marker-image.