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Auchan: Champions Cup

Our Immochan AR app gives you the opportunity to have the trophy of champions within your hands and feel the real excitement of the soccer field’s winners. Just hold the 2 dimensional print or what’s even more interesting, prepare the 3D cube from the print, put it in front of the running Immochan App – and there it is, the trophy appears from nothing. Make a photo by pushing the button on the screen and send it to yourself.

The cube is a special marker – you can hold it in any position or angle in front of your iPhone-s/iPad’s camera and the prize will still appear on it and on the screen.

In this app – for the first time – we used this, a 3 dimensional, cube shaped marker . With this new method each and every side of the 3d content is visible. (This is not the case with the 2 dimensional, simple image marker – in that case there is always a side which cannot be seen.)
Apart from programming and designing the app, and the trophy we’ve designed and prepared the huge photo wall which made the stadium like feeling full and organized the hostesses, technical background (TV, wifi, printing) as well. The photo wall was actually an environment friendly, cartoon – paper structure.


Totaltrend Agency, Immochan