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Audi A3 Launch App

ARworks created an application, using its 3D Augmented Reality experience, for Audi as part of the launch campaign of the new Audi A3. The app has two main 3D contents: the panoramic interior view, and the virtual 360 degree external view. In this, you can create your own A3 choosing your favorit colour with the easy color-stage solution, and selecting the rims, you like the most. After setting uphis new car, the potential customer can register for a test drive.
After the launch of the app, Audi fans can watch a video ad, or skip it, if they already saw it. In the main menu there are three buttons, the Interior view, the Exterior view and the Test Drive registration.

In the Interior view there are 2 new features: If the info button is pressed, pulsing red arrows will appear in the car. Click on an arrow, and a more detailed description of one of the car’s key characteristic will pop-up in the middle of the screen. If the Light button is pressed, the inside lights of the car and the main display on the dashboard, turns on. The outside environment of the car – and now its a standard feature of our car apps – behind its windows, are changeable.

In the exterior view, there are 2 cool features as well: the ColorStage and the information pop-ups. The ColorStage is an easy solution to change the paint of the car and at the same time to be able to turn it around on the screen. The other key feature is the pop arrows with the same function as in the internal view.

In the registration menu item, users can find the nearest showroom, and can register for a test drive with the new Audi A3.

This is another perfect example, how car makers can use Augmented Reality in helping their potential customers to get really close to their products, feel it, modify it to their own wish and consequently develop a strong ownership of the car. So, the next step is – buying it.
The “Audi A3″ application can be downloaded freely from the App Store ore Google Play App market.


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