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CZ P-09 pistol virtual shooting

The CZ P-09 handgun was commissioned by the police in 2018 and shortly thereafter by the Hungarian Defense Forces as well. After its introduction in Hungary, we received a brief from the Ludovika University of Public Service to develop a virtual reality application that allows shooting practice with the CZ P-09.

Upon entering the application, the user is greeted by a menu where they can choose whether to assemble the pistol first or proceed directly to the shooting range.

The assembly of the weapon follows a specific order, and attention must be paid to fitting the small components together. Users can learn this sequence in this mode of the application. Once assembled, the user can proceed to shoot with the pistol.

Before starting the shooting session, the user must select the distance they want to shoot from, which can range from 5 to 23 meters. Before firing, the user can put on ear protection. During the shooting session, the application immediately shows the impact of each shot and the score achieved on the target. After the magazine is emptied, the user receives a comprehensive scoreboard of their performance, which they can send to themselves as a PDF.

If the user turns away from the shooting position with a loaded weapon, the application immediately signals this with a loud alarm and a warning message.

While virtual pistol shooting cannot replace real shooting practice, we recommend this application to all law enforcement personnel and shooting enthusiasts.


Ludovika University of Public Service (NKE)


June 2022


Virtual Reality, Unity


Meta Quest 2