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Dakar Rally AR In-Mall Game

In our latest Augmented Reality project, we’ve built a real Dakar desert racecourse in a shopping mall. Visitors, interested in this extraordinary adventure, could drove a Dakar Race car, based on a new Opel Mokka in the exciting South American world. The 3 dimensional racecourse and the car appeared on a huge, 4 m long printed table – which acted as the marker of the AR application, and was running on iPads. Participants had to race against the time and each other – their result was shared on Facebook and the weekly and the overall winner received prestigious gifts The course consisted of 5 parts – 2 of them was fully made in 3D in AR – the other 3 was printed on the table, and only small additional obstacles (cactuses, tyres, rocks) were added in AR. At certain parts of the course, there were two alternative routes – with its own advantages – so the drivers, like in the real Dakar race, had to choose. The car acted like a real 4 wheel drive car in a real situation – it could stuck, turn over or jump long distances if it had enough speed.


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