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Ganz machinery

If your product is too large to be transported, and yet you still want to show it to potential customers, it is better to display a digital copy of the product – just like we did in the case of Ganz.

The products of Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machine manufacturer are huge. Even the smallest product is as big as a cupboard, the largest more like a small holiday home. It is not possible to deliver such products, but it would be very good if the potential users could still look at them and estimate what they expect. We have therefore developed a portable solution for exhibitions, the essence of which is that you only need to bring a laptop to the stand, and by connect it to the touch screen on site, you can immediately present the product range.

The application consisted of two parts, one part is a virtual factory tour. Every detail of the factory was presented with classic, drone and 360-degree camera footage, while the user could identify which part of the factory hall he was currently visiting. In the other part, we presented a transformer and an industrial motor, which were presented in 3D in an exploded state, viewing its elements from any direction. The explanatory texts, always pointed to the given element, thus making it easier to understand. Both products could be viewed in their own environment, surrounded by solar panels and windmills. In this way, the customer could imagine the dimensions and placement of the product. Instead of dry numbers and technical descriptions, let’s use the advantages of technology and 3D modeling!


Ganz Transzformátor- és Villamos Forgógépgyártó


June 2024


3D visualization


Windows, Touchscreen