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Finetuning the idea, writing specification


For Icaros PRO simulator and Meta Quest 2


So the users feel they are actually flyi


To set the optimal speed and other parameters

Eagle VR Simulator

Fly and hunt like an eagle

The One with Nature, World of Hunting and Nature exhibition was held in Budapest, in early Autumn, 2021. We’ve developed several AR/VR solution for the event, one of them was a short but fun – and educating – game where users had a chance to become an eagle hunting for its prey.

The VR game was used in the Hall of Traditional Hunting Methods where visitors could also learn the secrets of greyhound or falcon hunting, fencing or hunting with a front loading rifle.

Since these methods were hard to present in their real from indoor, our VR game was a great success especially with the younger generations.

Anybody could put on the Quest VR headset, get in the Icaros Pro flying frame and experience flying as an eagle. Users first had to fly above a typical Hungarian scenery, surrounded by spectacular viewing platforms (these were actual twins of real, existing ones), then find the prey running around on the ground, and catch it after flying through the rings in the air.

The biggest challenge through the development was to finalize and finetune flight controls. In the Icaros device players can lean forward and backward and even sideways – and also can turn his/her head around with the Vr device on it. These factors should effect the flying direction – so at the end we’ve attached one of the controllers to the Icaros itself and this controlled the direction of the flight making it possible to really look around without effecting the flight path.


One With Nature


Autumn 2021


Virtual Reality


Unity, Quest 2