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Simplified military design


Creating the environment, knife and the character


Dynamic switching between hand tracking and controller tracking

VR training for basic knife combat moves

Knife combat VR

VR technology is excellent for practicing predefined movements.

The Knife Combat VR application was developed on behalf of the Defense and Innovation Research Institute and was first presented at the Paris Defense Conference.

Designed in collaboration with soldiers, the application allows users to practice the basics of knife combat, which includes the 5 basic knife attack moves. The 4 slashes and one stab must be initiated from different directions and the knife edge must be guided along a specific arc on a practice dummy.

Upon entering the application, the user can choose whether the practice dummy remains stationary or changes its position during the training. Once the training begins, the practice dummy appears immediately, marked with the cutting arcs and the starting points for each slash. Only one cutting arc is visible on the dummy at a time, but as soon as the user completes the current arc, a new one appears. 

A training session ends when the user has performed all the moves 5 times each. At the end of the training, the user receives a quick and clear performance report. This report emphasizes how well the user maintained the cutting arcs, the time taken, and the speed of execution.

The application is currently available in 4 languages: English, French, German and Hungarian.




June 2024


Virtual Reality, Unity


Meta Quest 3