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VR experience

Look around in the future

What can we offer to an innovative IT company to demonstrate future technology and it’s promising job opportunities at the same time? Use Virtual Reality!

With Virtual Reality (VR) we can create almost anything that the client wants. T-Systems the biggest Hungarian IT service provider assigned us to create something that promotes their trainee program that can be used on summer festivals targeting technical university students and young people graduated from high school. The participants received a Samsung Gear VR headset with a headphone so they could shut out the outer world completely and immerse in a future trip. The Samsung Galaxy S7 built inside the Gear VR helmet provided the perfect picture quality and the flawless 3D experience. The 3D space consisted of a huge semi-transparent tower that stood in the middle of a virtual city. The participants elevated within this tower meanwhile they could see pictures and hear quick facts on what could be their future if they chose to become Information Technologyst.
The nature of the VR glass is that though the structure is fixed, user can look at any given direction so the whole concept should work in 360 degree around the user. The young users who tried out this virtual journey were all excited about this extraordinary experience and were willing to participate in a small talk about their future work at T-Systems Hungary.




Aug 2016


3D modelled Virtual Reality