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Selecting use case which can presented effectively

3D modelling

Designing and animating all 3D content


Developing the application for iPad Pro


Configuring kiosk mode for optimal running

Consumption in AR

Sustainable Consumption Demo in AR

The Planet Budapest Sustainable Expo was held at the beginning of December 2021 at Hungexpo, the fair site of the Hungarian capital. The purpose of the event was to raise the attention of the adverse effects of our environmental, social and economical activity and show that these negative trends, risking the future of Earth are still reversible.

We’ve developed VR and AR solutions to help visitors – especially the younger generations who really expected new technologies – to understand the trends, symptoms and what can be done to avoid a bad outcome.

One of our immersive interactive visualisation application was an AR one running on iPad Pro’s and explaining with rich 3D content how the production of certain products effects – and not in a good way – our environment.

On a small table made of pallets three products were placed – a plastic yoghurt bottle, a simple cotton T-shirt and a lap top. And you think you know what are the problems with them – but you might be surprised.

The 3D animated content, using marker based augmented reality (meaning small prints were added to the pallet table) showed that the production of milk, actually cows are nearly the biggest source of the gases causing greenhouse effect, the water necessary for cotton production is beyond imagination and for sure unused devices like lap tops are covering the surface of the Earth.

In our globalized economy production/waste management and consumption could be thousands of kilometers away so consumers are not realizing the environmental cost of their life.

The installation and the app helped to understand this.


Planet Budapest


December, 2021


Augmented Reality


Unity, ARkit, iOS