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The Allianz AR Haunted House

We’ve prepared this AR application with 10 different 10-30 sec 3D animations with the Grey/G2 Budapest advertising agency for their client, Allianz. The task was simple and not unique for the insurance sector: how to present potential home accidents to the target group in a non-frightening way.

Grey/G2 Budapest built a pop up building in the centre of Budapest, where visitors, with the help of AR, could experience, what kind of small accidents could happen in their home. On arrival, everybody received an iPad – after that they just had to walk around and check different parts of the flat with the tablet. At those points they were shown funny, interesting scenes – potential accidents -, which were happening to the actual objects in the house – but of course, only in augmented reality.

The toaster on the kitchen table starts to sparkle and smoke is coming out of it, then, at the end the toasts just flying out of it, the vegetable in the wok get on fire, the aquarium in the living room – just like the china vase on the table – is breaking to pieces. In the bathroom the water from the sink flood the floor and an interesting, not so real neighbour drill though the wall. Besides these in-door accidents, there are things going on externally – a burglar nearly manages to get into the house, and severe hurricane blows away the roof of the house.

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Augmented Reality helped us to present these scenarios in a way, that they do not scare away the potential clients but made the demonstration a unique, extraordinary experience.


Grey/G2, Allianz