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Fairytale design for the younger generation.


When compiling the tasks, it was important to include both mental and physical activities, as well as indoor and outdoor tasks.


Separate adult and child modes, but only the adult can create a child account. This allows the adult to monitor their child's performance in the app.

Young Ranger mobile app

Interesting tasks for the whole family on smartphones

The Young Ranger application was created on behalf of the “One with Nature” non-profit Ltd. Although the app primarily targets a younger audience, its structure provides an entertaining experience for the whole family. The app can be used in both adult and child modes, and in both modes, users can complete similar tasks and earn points.

The tasks available in the app are diverse. You can observe animals in your environment and read about them, and you can also learn how to record animal tracks in the field.

The app not only includes mental tasks but also considers physical activities and hiking. Choose how many push-ups you can do, complete them, and earn points. Similarly, you can set a hike according to your fitness level. Tasks can be combined, allowing you to observe animals during a hike. For each completed task, you earn points that are visible in your user account.

Adults must download the app first and create an account for their child. The child also needs to download the app and can log in with the ID provided by the parent. The child can start completing tasks immediately, but parents also have the option to set up custom task combinations for their child. Parents can see which tasks their child has completed and how many points they have earned.

We recommend this app to all families who enjoy active, nature-based recreation and are interested in the animal world.

Be a smart ranger, a skilled ranger, and a fit ranger!


One With Nature Nonprofit Ltd.


May 2021


Native development


Android, iOS